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With their international competitive edge, the products of Liton Technology not only fulfill domestic demands but also open up overseas markets, which include Mainland China, Europe, the Americas, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia.

We manufacture etched and formed aluminum foils, which has a wide range of product application. 3C tech-products must now use etched and formed aluminum foils as part of their elemental components.

These include industries and products such as aerospace, high-speed rail, MRT systems, solar and wind power, computers, mobile phones, automobiles, home appliances and Industrial Products.

Liton has significant market share in high-end products. Amongst those, middle voltage formed aluminum foil is a major component in camera photoflash; mobile phones have greatly improved their function with high-speed flash and camera pixel display technology.

This area of specialization has become part of Liton Tech’s leading high-end technology and manufacturing capability in the industry.

Today, with progressive technology and development, Liton’s products have become essential components.
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